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Lawncare Experts in Mequon, WI

Mequon, WI

When your lawn looks bad, your entire Mequon home looks bad. Thus, a shoddy-looking lawn can decrease your home's curb appeal and even resale value, depending on the extent of the mess. You're surely going to want to avoid those nasty problems, and you can easily do so by calling the area's lawncare company, CG Services LLC.

Whether your lawn is in need of a sodding, a seeding, or just general maintenance, you can depend on your Mequon lawn company to provide the work your lawn needs to look its best. Don't resign yourself to living with a lawn that only damages your home. Instead, give us a call today, and we'll make sure you enjoy a stunning lawn in no time.

Thorough Sodding and Seeding Services for Your Mequon Home

A healthy lawn starts with good sod and seed. Now, you might be tempted to go ahead and handle this chore yourself, but stop and ask yourself: Do you have the resources and the know-how to get the best results by doing this job yourself? If not, give your Mequon lawn company a call for our sod and seeding services.

Our expert team has the equipment and, more so, the know-how to provide quick and thorough sodding and seeding services for your lawn. In addition, we make it our mission to use only top-rated products to ensure that your lawn can thrive. A healthy lawn starts with good sod and seed, and by calling us, you can get the best sod and seed for your lawn.

Call Us for Unbeatable Lawn Maintenance Services

A healthy lawn is bound to grow -- and grow and grow and grow. And while healthy growth is what you're looking for in your lawn, too much of a good thing is just too much, as they say. And when too much growth from your lawn becomes too much of a good thing, you need to call us for our lawn maintenance services.

We'll get your freely, wildly burgeoning lawn tamed with a trimming. In addition to mowing your lawn, we'll also keep it going healthy and strong thanks to our thorough and careful lawn maintenance services. To keep your Mequon home's lawn growing strong, call the area's lawn company for our lawn maintenance services.


Contact Us For Any Landscaping Or Snow Removal Needs In Sheboygan & Surrounding Areas

Snow Removal Services When You Need Them

Winter time is a beautiful time -- unless you're not a fan of the snow. unfortunately, here in Mequon, we're all too familiar with snowfall during the winter months. And when the snow begins falling heavily on your lawn, your property could be rendered not only unsightly but also unsafe.

If heavy snowfall has turned your property unsightly and unsafe, you'll need to get it removed pronto. And for a quick, thorough snow removal, call CG Services LLC. We work quickly to get your Mequon property looking its best once more while (more importantly) making it as safe as possible.

Here are just a few of the amazing products that we have available for your landscape design needs:

  • Topsoil
  • Mulch & Bark
  • Stone
  • Sand
  • Wood Chips
  • Hay & Straw
  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • And More


If you are looking for a professional Mequon landscaping company for lawn maintenance services and more, please call CG Services LLC at 920-564-6844 or complete our online request form.