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At CG Services LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch services to the Sheboygan community. Our service offerings include everything you need to keep your property pristine and beautiful. Whether it's regular lawn maintenance, sod & seed, or reliable snow removal, we're the premier name for snow removal for Sheboygan you can trust to help you keep your property looking its best. Are you ready to make your Sheboygan property look its best with our services? If so, give our team of skilled professionals a call today, and let us show you the difference our services can make for your property.

Residents of Sheboygan rely on our services to maintain the beauty and health of their outdoor spaces. From expert lawn maintenance to salting & snow hauling, we ensure your property looks its best all year round. Additionally, when the winter months arrive, our reliable snow removal services keep your property safe and accessible, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in every season.

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Snow Removal

When the winter months come around, snow can be a serious problem for many homeowners here in the Sheboygan area. When you're in need of professional snow removal services to help protect your property and keep your home accessible, CG Services LLC is the local source […]

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Salting & Snow Hauling

Count on CG Services LLC for dependable Sheboygan salting & snow hauling services that keep your property safe and accessible during winter. As the premier source of reliable snow removal for Sheboygan, our skilled team employs strategic salting techniques and efficient snow hauling methods to clear […]

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Sod & Seed

Elevate your outdoor environment with CG Services LLC' top-quality sod & seed offerings in Sheboygan. Alongside being the trusted pros for snow removal for Sheboygan, our expert team also specializes in providing lush and healthy sod and seed options tailored to thrive in the local climate. […]

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Rock Walls & Flagstone

At CG Services LLC, we specialize in creating breathtaking rock walls & flagstone features that elevate the beauty and functionality of your outdoor environment. From grand retaining walls to intricate pathways and patios, our expert craftsmanship brings your vision to life with unparalleled elegance. As the […]

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Lawn Maintenance & Mowing

If you're a Sheboygan homeowner looking for a great way to transform your lawn into a picturesque paradise, our top-tier lawn maintenance & mowing services are one of the best ways to do so. Here at CG Services LLC, we take pride in crafting lush, green […]

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Hay Sales

At CG Services LLC, we take pride in offering premium hay sales to the Sheboygan community. Our high-quality hay is perfect for livestock, landscaping, and erosion control. When you choose us, you are choosing a reliable source of top-grade hay tailored to meet your specific needs. […]

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Holland Landscape Supply

Holland Landscape Supply is CG Services LLC' partner in helping you transform your Sheboygan outdoor spaces into stunning landscapes. Our extensive range of products includes everything you need for a beautiful and functional garden, from premium soil and mulch to decorative stones and gravel. We are […]

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Price List

Services Areas: Sheboygan & Ozaukee Counties Extended Area Charge of an additional $40 will apply to properties: Ozaukee County - South of Hwy 60 Sheboygan County - All Other Extended Areas will require KC to quote […]

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Frequently Asked Our Services Questions

Yes, we offer convenient delivery services for all our landscaping materials to locations within Sheboygan and surrounding areas.

You can place an order by contacting us directly via phone or through our website. Our team will assist you with your purchase and delivery arrangements.

We provide comprehensive snow removal services including salting and snow hauling to ensure your property remains safe and accessible during winter.

Reach Out To Our Landscaping Company For Any Landscaping or Snow Removal Needs in Sheboygan & Surrounding Areas