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Lawn Maintenance & Landcaping Tips

Check out the most recent lawn maintenance articles from CG Services for landscaping tips, hardscaping tips, and more.

3 Benefits Of Booking Your Next Landscaping Project This Winter

While there's no doubt that the spring and summer months are the prime time for landscaping projects all over the country, every project has a good bit of planning and prep time behind the scenes that you don't see, and part of this prep time involves getting in contact with a landscaping professional and booking your project...…Read More

3 Common Materials for Your Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are unique lawn care and landscaping features for Sheboygan homeowners who have property with slopes of varying heights. Retaining walls are used to contain a horizontal load of soil, and although the horizontal pressure of soil is less than its vertical load...…Read More

Benefits of Rock Walls for Your Wisconsin Landscaping

When it comes to beautifying your landscaping, you have plenty of options to choose from. One hardscape that is becoming increasingly popular is the rock wall. That's partly due to the fact that rock walls can be decorative, functional or both.…Read More

Winter Is A Good Time For Hardscaping

For most lawn and garden enthusiasts, winter can be a particularly depressing time. Watching your flowers die and your grass turn brown after you have spend the long spring and summer months tirelessly working to keep them lush, healthy, and beautiful…Read More

Sheboygan Hardscaping Tips: 3 Great Patio Materials for Your Home

In order for you and your family to enjoy your property to the utmost, it is important to spend time outdoors. If your family is failing to use its yard, you should consider constructing a new patio on your property. A custom designed patio is the perfect place for your family to gather after a long day at work and school. Read More

Four Steps To Installing A New Beautiful Lawn for Your Sheboygan Home

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your lawn, the fast way to resolve the problem to lay new sod. However, trying to do a lawn installation project yourself can be very difficult and lead to lackluster results. Read More

Sheboygan Lawn Maintenance Tips: Five Step Lawn Fertilization Program Beautifies Your Yard

In order for you and your family to enjoy your home to the utmost, it is important to keep your lawn looking its best. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy and lush lawn requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Read More

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