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Sheboygan Lawn Maintenance Tips: Five Step Lawn Fertilization Program Beautifies Your Yard

Sheboygan Lawn Maintenance Tips: Five Step Lawn Fertilization

In order for you and your family to enjoy your home to the utmost, it is important to keep your lawn looking its best. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy and lush lawn requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. As such, many homeowners fail to keep their lawns in the best condition and their yards suffer for it.

At CG Services LLC, our Sheboygan lawn maintenance contractors are here to help you with all your lawn fertilization needs. We proudly offer a five step lawn fertilizing package to local residents and business owners. Through this extremely thorough plan, our team can keep your lawn looking lush, full, and green all year long.

Step 1: Spring Weed and Feed

The spring is one of the most critical time periods when it comes to lawn maintenance in Sheboygan, WI. After a long winter, the health of your lawn is just beginning to recover. Our Sheboygan landscaping company will fertilize your lawn and take steps to prevent weeds from growing at this time period. The combination of our weed and feed services will get you lawn off to the healthiest growth possible.

Step 2: Early Summer Fertilization and Crabgrass Remover

Transitioning from late spring into early summer, the primary threats to the health of your Sheboygan lawn are crab grass, pests, and insects. Our lawn maintenance experts will apply a special fertilizer that will address the problems of crab grass. We will also take preventative measures to ensure that your lawn is protected from pests and insects.

Step 3: Midsummer Fertilization

During the middle of the summer, your lawn is growing at the fastest pace of the year. As such, it is necessary to add more nutrients to the soil in order to sustain this heavy growth period. Our Sheboygan landscaping contractors will apply a high-nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn that will help your grass grow to the fullest and healthiest extent.

Step 4: Early Fall Winterizing Service

During the fall, it is important to take steps to prepare the grass for shorter periods of sunlight and lower temperatures. At CG Services LLC, we have a special winterizing blend of fertilizer that will build up nutrient reserves in the soil for the coming cold season.

Step 5: Additional Treatment of Triplet

The last step of our lawn fertilization program is to apply one last treatment of herbicide to kill any weeds that have cropped up. During the winter, these weeds, if left to grow, can cause serious problems with your lawn. Additional Sheboygan lawn maintenance services available in our fertilization program include tree and shrub fertilizer and more insect and pest control efforts. With our help, your lawn will be as lush and green as possible.


If you are looking for an expert for Sheboygan lawn maintenance and fertilization services, then please call 920-564-6844 or complete our online request form.