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Winter Is A Good Time For Hardscaping

Winter Is A Good Time For Hardscaping

For most lawn and garden enthusiasts, winter can be a particularly depressing time. Watching your flowers die and your grass turn brown after you have spend the long spring and summer months tirelessly working to keep them lush, healthy, and beautiful can be a difficult thing to watch, however, there is a certain satisfaction that you get to start again in a couple of months. However, winter doesn't have to be a period of time where you have to completely give up on improving your home's landscape and garden areas. Winter can actually be a great time to add hardscaping features to your home's landscape for a number of different reasons. So, if you've been considering adding a new hardscaping feature to your landscape, take into consideration the following reasons why winter might be the perfect time to do so.

Lower Costs

During the winter months, the demand for labor and supplies can be considerably lower, which translates directly into lower costs for you. In fact, the cost of some of these supplies can be between 5-10% cheaper during the winter months as suppliers try to sell off their excess stock, potentially saving you a great deal of money. Come springtime, the demand for building materials like lumber rises, and so will the prices. This means that you can either take that extra money and throw it back into the bank, or put the extra savings back into your hardscaping project to improve the materials used in your project, giving you more bang for your buck.

Flexible Scheduling Options

During the spring and summer months, it can be extremely difficult to find a landscaping contractor that can perform your work exactly when you want it done, especially if you are trying to have your project completed in a limited timeframe. The spring and summer months are an especially busy time for landscaping contractors as most homeowners are vying for the limited time they have available to complete their own outdoor projects. During the winter months, however, the demand for service is much lower, meaning that you have a greater degree of freedom as to when you want your project scheduled, and you can also benefit from shorter wait times for materials and you can even get more time with your landscaping contractor to design your new hardscaping feature.

Faster Turnaround Time

Because most landscaping contractors have less going on in the winter, projects can usually be completed faster, meaning that you can rest assured that your new hardscaping feature will be ready to go by the time spring rolls around. In addition, because there is generally a shorter wait time for materials in the winter, your project can get started faster as well.

Less Damage To Your Lawn

Normally, if you were looking to install a hardscaping feature on your lawn during the summer months, you would have to worry about the damage that process would inflict on your carefully maintained lawn. However, in the winter months, because your grass is dormant, there is a lower likelihood that your greenery is going to suffer damage from a new hardscaping project.


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